About Us

Our Goal is to Encourage Growth and Prosperity in the Coffee Industry.

The Pacific Coast Coffee Association was founded in 1932 under a charter to support organizations in the coffee industry doing business on the Pacific Coast of the United States and Canada. Reuben W. Hills, Jr., one of the nation’s largest coffee roasters and Benjamin J. Older, a leading San Francisco green coffee importer/broker believed in forming one association that would serve the interests of all. The board agreed during that time that, “unified activity and coordinated effort resound to the benefit and progress of the coffee industry.”

PCCA sponsored get-togethers at coffee industry events, our intimate Holiday Party, and conventions that emphasize shared activities provide forums for coffee professionals in all aspects of the trade to meet and develop new partnerships that benefit their businesses. In addition, PCCA sponsored seminars and webinars keep our members current on issues important to the coffee industry.

The PCCA now has members from around the world who benefit from doing business in the western regions of the US and Canada. We are a diverse group of industry professionals who have impacted the industry in the domestic and global marketplace.  The expertise that is found in our association provides an exceptional resource for any organization and company that is a member.   Please join the Pacific Coast Coffee Association so that you too can grow and prosper along with us.