Membership Benefits

Educational Seminars and Webinars – PCCA keeps you ahead of the game with various programs that will enhance your expertise through a host of broad topics given by some of the industry’s top professionals.  Membership discounts apply.

Annual Convention: One of the greatest conventions in the industry!!  Your opportunity to meet the industry’s most respected and top professionalsin an intimate business and social setting.

Q Grader: The PCCA can wipe your fears awaywith this rigorous testing and certification program. At least one Q-grader course a year is offered with a generous membership discount.  

Cupping Competition: Every Year the PCCA hosts a coffee cupping competition focusing on a single origin. The intent of the competition is twofold: to pay tribute to Pete McLaughlin for his enthusiasm and dedication to the PCCA for many years, and at the same time feature a coffee producer and honor their efforts to bring us great coffee. Each year samples are submitted to our panel of expert judges and the field is narrowed down to 10 to present to the competition participants. The winning coffee and cupper are awarded the coveted "PCCA Top Coffee" and "PCCA Cupper of the Year" plaques which are presented at the Annual Convention in September.   

Futures Seminar:   PCCA Member Albert Scalla. Executive Vice President of INTL FCStone periodically facilitates a "Futures and Options Seminar". It is a comprehensive workshop designed for executives in the Coffee Industry who anticipate the use of the futures and option markets in conjunction with their cash and physical market activities. The primary objective of the Training Program is to provide the participants with a firm foundation in derivative product fundamentals such that the graduates will be able to put their knowledge into practical use and as an efficient price protection mechanism. The executive learns through dynamic interaction with the instructor and other participants

Publications: The PCCA newsletter brings you up to date information on the latest events happening within the coffee industry and our association.  

Membership Directory: Our Membership Directory provides you with the contact information for all of our active members.