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GREEN BEAN INTL LLC is the import division of Oro Molido and African Plantation Kilimanjaro based in Portland, Oregon.

ORO MOLIDO is a family owned Colombian company with coffee farms in the regions of Antioquia (Fredonia and Santa Barbara) and Magdalena (Sierra Nevada).  Over three generations we have learned that producing the best coffee demands a combination of old-world farming and new world science. 

AFRICAN PLANTATION KILIMANJARO (APK) is the African arm of Oro Molido.  We have been bringing the best practices of Colombia to blend with great coffee knowledge and perfect soils of Tanzania. In Tanzania, we are respectful of cultural practices and recognize the important role that local knowledge of the land has with our agriculture methods.  Our management philosophy empowers people and we are proud to lease our land from local cooperatives that are community owned. 


"Since 1950, Ceca has continuously catered to the changing needs of a diverse national and international clientele, offering the full spectrum of Costa Rican Coffees. As part of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG), Ceca strives to be a reliable partner for both suppliers and customers. A sound financial basis, a high level of expertise, and a vast knowledge of the Costa Rican coffee market, allows them to provide a specialised solution to each client's requirements. In addition to Ceca's core export business, Ceca operates a wet mill in the Tarrazu region, as well as a specialised micro-mill."

"I was born and raised on a Coffee Estate in Costa Rica. On my early 20's I lived in California, where I became a mechanical engineering and also explored different jobs in search of a fulfilling career. My search ended when I realised that I had to work in coffee, so I went back to where it all started. I'm currently working as Trader in Ceca (Costa Rican exporter and miller), where I'm able to source great coffees from all over the country and connect these with great people from all over the world. I'm currently in charge of the specialty division, but also enjoy working with the full spectrum of Costa Rican qualities."

The Green Room is based in Auburn, WA which is centrally located between the Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle.  We have been offering our services to the specialty coffee industry since July 2000.  The company was started to specifically handle specialty green coffee and to partner with importers to have a reliable and professional service with a company that understands how to handle specialty coffee. The Green Room is based in Auburn, WA which is centrally located between the Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle.  We have been offering our services to the specialty coffee industry since July 2000.  The company was started to specifically handle specialty green coffee and to partner with importers to have a reliable and professional service with a company that understands how to handle specialty coffee.

 We utilize the highest standards for handling, storing and shipping green coffee while still remaining flexible and adaptable to the coffee industry.  We also employ experts in the field of distribution, green coffee, importing and have extensive knowledge on handling coffee.

Working with 40+ importers has given us a lot of knowledge in helping out small-scale importers that are new to the industry as well as companies with high volume.  We look forward to partnering with you and enabling you to successfully move your coffee to your customer.

Finlay Extracts & Ingredients USA, a global leader in tea and coffee extracts, delivers innovative concepts for a variety of applications and offers customer-led market solutions using the highest quality ingredients to flavor products for some of the foremost companies in the food, beverage, and dairy industries. With the advantage of our state-of-the-art extraction and development technology, along with our ‘bush to bottle’ model, ensures we have the ability to grow, source and manufacture a wide range of safe and sustainable extracts. We believe our corporate obligation is to deliver a sustainable future focused on reducing environmental, economic, and social impact.

 At Finlays, we have never lost touch with our own past. The lessons of two centuries feel more relevant today than ever. We are drawing on these long-held values to create a better future for beverages. That means harnessing new technologies in a responsible way – ensuring future innovations drive our industry to new heights, delivering healthy products to the world. It means continuing the tradition of fair dealing that has helped us build life-long relationships and thriving communities. It means using over a century of experience to make our crops sustainable and our supply chains transparent. Most of all, it means empowering our customers, large and small, to develop the natural, traceable and trusted products their consumers are asking for. With deep roots across the globe, no-one is better placed than Finlays to unleash the global potential of tea and other natural products to create tomorrow’s beverages.

Member representative: Todd Davis, Supply Chain Manager, Coffee

Mr. Davis joined Finlay’s in 2007. Todd’s duties include purchasing, managing the futures account and overseeing multiple warehouse facilities. He is in charge of inventory control, planning & scheduling of the factory and production planning. He oversees multiple co-packers and manufacturers and is a member of the S&OP Global project. Todd is also in charge of coffee cupping and is on the sensory panel for extracts.


InterAmerican Coffee imports high quality specialty green coffee. Since 1983 we have been providing North American roasters with some of the world’s finest coffees, including certified Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance, as well as Estate and unique small lot coffees.

With offices in Houston, San Diego and Providence, as well as the added support of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, we are able to “think globally and act locally”.

Our coffees are warehoused in Seattle, San Leandro (CA), Jersey City, Houston and New Orleans allowing us to move coffee quickly and efficiently to customers throughout the United States.

Our team has 10 certified Q Graders and counting. With three trading offices in the U.S. and Quality Control labs around the globe, we offer the best quality, attention and service to every one of our customers.

Cup with us, train with us, explore our global connections.

SW Company

Steve Leach:

Steve Leach:

After a career that started 40 years on Wall Street, having worked for several roasters, importers and an exporter, Steve now owns SW Company, as a broker and consultant.  

 SW Company focuses on small volumes of unique coffee, most notably Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

 Steve served as a Cup of Excellence Judge for many years, also serving on the BOD of Alliance for Coffee Excellence, its’ parent organization.  He volunteered with CQI on projects in Bolivia, El Salvador and Uganda.

 Steve is also a Past President of the PCCA and has traveled extensively throughout most of the coffee world.


Catholic Relief Services is the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States. We alleviate suffering and provide assistance to people in need in more than 100 countries, without regard to race, belief or nationality.

CRS’ Coffeelands program includes 8 components: value-chain approach; capacity building; chain-wide facilitation; innovation; livelihood diversification; labor; research; influence."Grow" is the final level of CRS’ Pathway to Prosperity. Our agro-enterprise approach increases income, grows assets and generates local employment. As farmers learn new skills and build their self-reliance, we assist organized, market-ready farmers so they can better engage in competitive markets. 

This programming is committed to a triple bottom line that prioritizes people, the planet and profit. We work with smallholder farmers to strengthen their economic viability and promote inclusive value chains that are profitable for everyone involved by linking them to equitable markets. Simultaneously, we improve environmental sustainability by prioritizing perennial crops and agroforestry systems.

CRS helps farmers build relationships with traders, processors, exporters and lead firms, including Keurig, Green Mountain, Walmart and Ben & Jerry’s, so farmer organizations can act more as competitive businesses in value chains. We regularly partner with rural finance institutions such as Root Capital to help farmer organizations access lower interest social investment capital. 

Giulio Evangelisti


Integrated Processing Solutions Roasting & grinding systems Packaging Equipment & Materials Factory Automation Consulting




SUCAFINA is a multinational coffee merchant, founded in 1977 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, with a family tradition in commodities that stretches back to 1905. SUCAFINA has more than 100 years in commodities.

The family business was established in 1905 in the coastal city of Jaffa, Palestine. They exported oranges and imported foodstuffs, selling their goods throughout the Middle East and expanding with each generation. This led to the founding in 1977 of a company in the city of Geneva, Switzerland, which dealt in sugar (SU), café (CA), and finance (FINA).

Two generations later, SUCAFINA is entirely focused on coffee. It remains a family company with a strong entrepreneurial culture and an eye for value, but all investments and development activities are in support of the global coffee supply chain. SUCAFINA is one of the leading trade houses in the world, and sources coffee from most producing countries. Our strengths are our expertise in coffee and in our commitment to people.