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Growers’ Coffee (a DBA of Coffee from the Growers, Inc.) a US Direct Warehouse supplier. We have been in the supply chain business for more than ten years, and today we represent more than 20 farms. Our name stems from our relationship to Brazilian coffee producers and a dream to showcase their high-quality, single origin coffees and to tell the stories of how coffee is embedded in their lives. We are from Brazil, and from this connection, we understand the culture and find the coffees our customers seek through established connections in the country and our expertise managing supply chains. 

Member representatives:

Guto Rizental our Director of Sales, has more than 20 years of experience in the coffee business. He was responsible to prep the Brazilian farms to implement the UTZ certification.  He values all the friendships and the knowledge he gained during these years in this industry. With a combination of his knowledge and charisma, he has been conquering the friendship and trust of many clients in the U.S.  Guto is a great source of information on Brazilian coffee bean and people enjoy being around him.

Lilian Alves our President, has an extensive experience in business development in Brazil and in the US. Lilian comes from a family of coffee growers.  Her grandfather was a coffee grower in South of Minas, Brazil until a tragic accident happened. One evening grandpa Jose did not come home.  When the family went to look for him, they found him laying on the coffee field victim of a fatal snake bite. This tragic event caused the family to sell everything and move to the city. Lilian has great memories of watching her family harvesting the berries, and she treasures all those happy moments. Years after, when the opportunity to join the coffee business came, she did not hesitate to accept the offer to be part of the Growers' Coffee team.

Rodney Alves, our CEO, he is the mind behind the business. As of September of 2016, Growers’ Coffee has been joined by Shift Ventures, an investment group from California with lifelong connections in Brazil and diversified portfolio.  Their team of Brazilian born professionals experienced in different areas, who has been leading our company moving forward.  


Established in 1961, IMA is a world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea and coffee.

With over 5,200 employees and 38 manufacturing production facilities worldwide, IMA’s position of leadership is the result of significant investment in R&D and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions to satisfy the most sophisticated market requirements. These include cutting edge R&D laboratories and continuous product innovation with over 1,600 patents worldwide and we have launched many new machine models over the last few years. Over 500 of the workforce are designers committed to product innovation.

IMA North America, located in Leominster MA, handles sales and service in the U.S. and Canada for the IMA Safe (packaging), IMA Active (solid dose processing), Tea & Herbs, and Coffee divisions.

Its position of leadership is the result of significant investment in R&D, regular and constructive dialogue with the end users in its sectors and the Group’s ability to expand internationally, conquering new markets.


S. & D. Coffee, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cott Corporation, a publicly traded company.

S&D is the largest custom coffee roaster for the foodservice industry in the United States

Founded in 1927, S&D has been in the McDonald’s system for 35 years and currently is the largest coffee and tea supplier for McDonald’s U.S.A. and target holder for the coffee blends.

As a business unit of the Cott Corporation, S&D is one of 32 worldwide locations with approximately 9,500 employees.

A recognized leader in the global coffee industry with Board seats at the Coffee Quality Institute, National Coffee Association, Specialty Coffee Association and World Coffee Research.

S&D’s corporate campus is comprised of four facilities with two dedicated coffee facilities & a tea facility. One extract & ingredient facility and nearly 750,000 square foot of operations & administrative facilities.

Member representative is Mr. Carlos Lopez, Executive Vice President-Sales & Marketing. Carlos joined S&D Coffee in 2010 and has led national sales, corporate planning, and strategy efforts. Mr. Lopez maintains oversight of all Sales Divisions and Marketing, and Product Innovation Departments.

Finlay Extracts & Ingredients USA, a global leader in tea and coffee extracts, delivers innovative concepts for a variety of applications and offers customer-led market solutions using the highest quality ingredients to flavor products for some of the foremost companies in the food, beverage, and dairy industries. With the advantage of our state-of-the-art extraction and development technology, along with our ‘bush to bottle’ model, ensures we have the ability to grow, source and manufacture a wide range of safe and sustainable extracts. We believe our corporate obligation is to deliver a sustainable future focused on reducing environmental, economic, and social impact.

 At Finlays, we have never lost touch with our own past. The lessons of two centuries feel more relevant today than ever. We are drawing on these long-held values to create a better future for beverages. That means harnessing new technologies in a responsible way – ensuring future innovations drive our industry to new heights, delivering healthy products to the world. It means continuing the tradition of fair dealing that has helped us build life-long relationships and thriving communities. It means using over a century of experience to make our crops sustainable and our supply chains transparent. Most of all, it means empowering our customers, large and small, to develop the natural, traceable and trusted products their consumers are asking for. With deep roots across the globe, no-one is better placed than Finlays to unleash the global potential of tea and other natural products to create tomorrow’s beverages.

Member representative: Todd Davis, Supply Chain Manager, Coffee

Mr. Finlay joined Finlay’s in 2007. Todd’s duties include purchasing, managing the futures account and overseeing multiple warehouse facilities. He is in charge of inventory control, planning & scheduling of the factory and production planning. He oversees multiple co-packers and manufacturers and is a member of the S&OP Global project. Todd is also in charge of coffee cupping and is on the sensory panel for extracts.


Just as each new day starts long before sunrise, the perfect cup of coffee begins long before roasting, grinding and brewing. Locating the world’s best coffee beans is as much art as it is science. It’s a talent that can only be cultivated through years of experience, strong relationships with the best growers on four continents, and an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

 Amcafé USA LLC is a leading importer of specialty coffees. Based just north of New York City, our team of specialists circumnavigates the globe to source distinctive green coffees for roasters located throughout North America. With unparalleled knowledge of the world’s best plantations and a strong commitment to ethical sourcing, Amcafé is uniquely suited to be your business partner in today’s vibrant coffee industry.

We cater to the diverse needs of roasters with a comprehensive array of services, including sourcing, financing, education/training on coffee roasting, and risk management.

Amcafé is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Finagra USA, a division of London-based Finagra UK Ltd.

They were founded in 1992 by Michael Glenister. Mike was already an industry veteran with a coffee trading firm called Saks International, but when Saks closed its doors, Mike was ready to embark on a new adventure with a radical idea: to focus entirely on the nascent specialty coffee industry.

SW Company

 Steve Leach:

Steve Leach:

After a career that started 40 years on Wall Street, having worked for several roasters, importers and an exporter, Steve now owns SW Company, as a broker and consultant.  

 SW Company focuses on small volumes of unique coffee, most notably Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

 Steve served as a Cup of Excellence Judge for many years, also serving on the BOD of Alliance for Coffee Excellence, its’ parent organization.  He volunteered with CQI on projects in Bolivia, El Salvador and Uganda.

 Steve is also a Past President of the PCCA and has traveled extensively throughout most of the coffee world.


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With nearly 50 years in the flexible packaging market, our team at LMI Packaging Solutions works to be your most trusted supplier and partner. We work with our customers in the spirit of “working together, growing together”, recognizing that the more we can support our relationships the more successful we all become.
We are a 3rd generation, family-owned and operated company that runs on four key pillars: community, courage, integrity, and servant leadership.
As a leader in the flexible packaging industry, LMI is focused on partnering with food and beverage manufacturers that are looking for innovative lidding solutions. With a wide range of market, material and product performance expertise, we are more than just lidding professionals. Our goal is to be your most trusted supplier and partner.
“One thing that makes LMI unique is how we encourage people to live in their genius – not just at work, but in life as well. There is always the possibility of changing mindsets within our walls and within our community to make a positive lasting impact on the things occurring around us daily."
- JP Moran, General Manager